The WebMatron, K. Sis. Nicole T. Lasher

Social.Africans.live is the community connected to Africans.live.

It’s a place where African people in the continent and diaspora can enjoy a safe and loving place to post their content and thoughts for free.

You are not the product here. We have ads, but they aren’t targeted or invasive. You are free to use your ad blocker. We will never ask you to “whitelist” us. We do hope that you will look at them though because we only link to businesses and sites by members and people we like. All businesses are Black owned, community adjacent, and/or specifically and actively anti racist.

We are about love here, not hate. We believe in consensual and constructive interaction and will not support any harassment, brigading, or other pushy behavior. If someone tells you to leave them alone or indicates that your attention is unwanted, any communication with them or attempts to recruit others to bother them thereafter, will be considered harassment by the admins here. So mind your manners and mind your business.

We also do not support racism, sexism, homophobia/transphobia, or other haterism. You are allowed to disagree with things or dislike things here, but be respectful.

We are experienced with various streams of overt and covert hate and disinformation campaigns and movements. Full disclosure, the main webmatron is police and military adjacent, like most Israelis, and very much leftist. So despite whatever hype you may hear on the news, socialism and antifascism is totally legit and has institutional backing in the home of the admin here. We are unapologetically anti any form or flavor of nazi, including the collaborators who pretend to be a part of our community but serve “white” supremacy.

So if we catch you peddling any Theosophy cloaked in African spirituality or misogyny cloaked in polyamory, we don’t care where else you go, but you won’t be staying here.

With that said, those who come in peace and good faith, welcome.

In the future, we would like to start a Mastodon instance. It will need funding though, and if you’d like to help with this, send us a donation.

Thank you!