Hello world and Dedication

EshuEshu Elegbara!

Master of the Gate between the Orun and the Aye!

Thank you for the opportunity and ability to build another site!

Eshu Elegbara!

Please bless this site with your protection and good fortune.

Eshu Elegbara!

Please extend your blessing and protection to all who come here in peace and good faith.

Ashé, Ashé, and Ashé!

Published By: K. Sis. Nicole T.N. Lasher

Webmatron of ModernTraditional, Africans.live and other cultural and quirky sites. I am one of those odd people born to curate, with a real passion for marketing. If you have some art, music, writing, or other content that needs more love, feel free to contact me. I work on a donate when and what you are able basis. To do so, hit my Paypal or Patreon. Let's survive capitalism together, and try to have some fun confusing the exploitative.

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